Blue Protocol Wiki
Gender Male
Race Dragonkin
Type Story Character
Role King of Dragons
Weapon Claws and magic
Seiyuu Shunsuke Takeuchi
Voiceactor TBA

Voldigen (ヴォルディゲン), also known as The King of Dragons (竜王), is the main antagonist of at least the first arc of Blue Protocol.


Voldigen is the King of the Dragonkin. He was apparently defeated in an ancient battle and held captive, but was resurrected in the current times in Magna in order to revive the Dragonkin.[1]


Voldigen is a tall, draconic man. He has shoulder length white hair, and under it a dragon tail covered in dark gray scales appears. The tail ends into a crimson point. His right eye is light red, above it part of his forehead is covered by what seems to be a black dragon scale. Similarly, on the left part of his face, a more pronounced scale covers his left eye entirely and fades into a crimson color on the lower end. Voldigen's complexion is light lilac. His neck, chin, and pointy demonic ears are covered in black scales.

Voldigen's body is completely covered into dark dragon scales which are similar to an armor. This scale-armor pronounces his brawny structure and it is mainly dark gray, with lighter gray and crimson details. On his shoulders two gray horn-like spikes appear, similar to a collar. A dark cloak covers the back of his legs, and ends around knee level. Voldigen has claws both on his hands and feet.


Voldigen is ruthless and destructive. He has no interest for beings weaker than him, but does respect the courage of the protagonist when they stands up to him even after seeing his all-devouring power. His desire is to hunt down Aeryn, but the reasons behind this are yet unclear.


Voldigen Power

Voldigen summoning his crimson shadows

Voldigen Devouring

Voldigen devouring the Avalitia in Pillar of Divinity

Voldigen appears at the very end of the CBT Story. After the party defeats the sealed Avalitia in the Pillar of Divinity, what seems to be another space-time distortion occurs, from which Voldigen reveals himself. He then proceeds to walk towards the body of the dead Avalitia, and without even flinching, summons crimson shadows which devour the beast, absorbing its power. He thus expresses disappointment by the amount of power the Avalitia had. He then brings his attention towards Aeryn, who he was hunting. In this moment one of the guards of the Pillar of Divinity enters the chamber to see what was going on, and once he notices the presence of a member of the Dragonkin he immediately attacks him. Voldigen kills him effortlessly and does not even bother to consume his power.

The protagonist thus steps ahead to fight Voldigen off, who is surprised and delighted by the courage they show even after seeing all of that. While the protagonist and Tyris catch his attention, Aeryn is thus able to cast a second Chrono Leap. Once they travel back, Voldigen comments how reckless Aeryn was to Chrono Leap in such a situation, but that soon the time will come for him to put an end to this.[2]

Quest Involvement[]


  • ほう? 今のを見て、なお立ちはだかるか? 良いな、実に良い


  • Voldigen and Feste share the same pointy ears. It is currently unknown if there is some relation between Feste and the Dragonkin.


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