Blue Protocol Wiki
Gender Female
Race Human
Type Story Character
Role Aeryn's guardian
Weapon Twin blades
Seiyuu Asami Seto
Voiceactor TBA

Tyris (ティリス) is one of the main Story Characters in Blue Protocol. She is Aeryn's guardian and she traveled with her from the future.


A woman who is the bodyguard of Aeryn. She always does "what she has to do" and does not stand down from making harsh decisions at times. Tyris is a dual sword user.


Tyris is a young girl of medium stature. She has a sharp look, aqua eyes and light purplish blue short hair, which fade into a cyan color. She has an diagonal hair bang.

Tyris wears a seamless one piece dark blue dress. Both sleeves end into a light green barrel cuff. Her hands are covered by dark gray and white gloves. Her collar is adorned with a golden emblem, under which a white jabot can be seen. Over her one piece dress she wears a sleeveless light gray gilet blazer, tightened by six golden buttons. The blazer continues like a mantle under her waist, ending a bit under her knees. The inside of this mantle is teal, with a lighter blue motif. On the blazer she has two light green belts with an additional support attached, one at breast level, the other at waist level. These two belts are connected on her back. She wears dark blue thigh high boots with light gray details.

Tyris brings her two swords on her hips.


Tyris is a serious and skilled swordswoman, who puts her duty as her utmost priority. She is ready to do whatever to protect Aeryn, and won't hesitate to kill in order to do so. She does however conceal a sweet side which she shows only to her companions. She can also be rather naive, as she fell into Feste's trick by signing her notebook quite easily, thus becoming her second servant.


Tyris appears together with Aeryn in the Pillar of Divinity. After the unsealing of the Avalitia she immediately protects Aeryn and fights it off together with the protagonist. She is grateful for the help, but immediately warns the protagonist and Feste to back down and leave this place, unless they had a death wish. She is however interrupted by the appearance of Voldigen. Once again she steps ahead to protect Aeryn from the incoming danger, but the protagonist comes forward to help her, even though they have absolutely nothing to do with this whole situation.

After the second Chrono Leap, Tyris officially introduces herself to Feste and the protagonist. She suggest to leave the place before Voldigen appears. Once the party reaches Larpal she explains together with Aeryn the reason why they travelled back in time. She promptly gives two options to Feste and the protagonist; to side with them and help them accomplish their quest, or to die here and now. Having no choice, Feste and the protagonist promise to follow Tyris and Aeryn in their journey. Tyris excuses herself for her behaviour, but she deems it as necessary. As a comeback, Feste takes the opportunity by doing her usual antic; she asks Tyris to write her name on her notebook as an oath to their alliance. Tyris accepts, and only later notices that she just signed a servitude contract, thus becoming Feste's second servant, and the protagonist kouhai.[1]

Quest Involvement[]


  • 協力か死か。・・・・・・死を選ぶ場合は、私も本気を出します


  • Tyris uses two swords, yet currently no dual sword class has been announced. Chance is that it might be a future Twin Striker path.


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