Blue Protocol Wiki
Blue Protocol Artwork
Gender Male or Female
Race Human
Type Main Character
Role Adventurer
Weapon Any
Class Any
Seiyuu TBA (6 voices per gender)
Voiceactor TBA (6 voices per gender)

The Player (you) is the protagonist of Blue Protocol. The mission of the protagonist is to travel through Regnas to find their memories and remember their role, as well as saving the world from an incoming calamity.

The protagonist is, apparently, a Raija (来者).


The Player is the protagonist of the story. The Player's main goal is to explore the world in search of their lost memories, and eventually confront their fate.

The protagonist, even if not much, actually talks in the story and has a personality.


Your choice.


The protagonist is shown to be a courageous and skilled fighter. They have lost all their memories prior to their awakening, and thus have little knowledge of the world.


The protagonist awakens in a cave in Asteria, and is quickly found by Feste, who was running away from a Goblin. The protagonist defeats the Goblins saving Feste, but collapses soon thereafter. He thus awakens once again in Asterliese's Inn, with Feste at their side. The protagonist explains how they lost all their memories, and Feste, who has lost hers as well, promises them to help them finding their lost memories. She then hands the protagonist a guestbook, in which they sign their name... The guestbook reveals to be a servitude contract. Thus the protagonist becomes Feste's servant within the first five minutes of the game.

The protagonist will then travel together with her "master" in search of treasures and their memories. They are aware that they have some kind of role to fulfill, and their meeting with Merlouf in Dragonclaw Valley will give them a new hint; the word "Raija".


  • 見殺しは夢見が悪い、でしょ?