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This page is a compilation of articles and information sources from Bandai Namco as well as their translations or summaries (if applicable) from the Japan region.

Livestreams and Videos[]

Developer Stream #4 (April 20, 2020) - Cancelled due to health concerns

Developer Stream #3 (February 27, 2020) Source

Developer Stream #2 (February 20, 2020) Source

Developer Stream #1 (February 13, 2020) Source

Developer News Room (February 7, 2020) Source

Closed Beta Test Trailer Released (February 7, 2020) Source

Closed Alpha Test Trailer Released (July 5, 2019) Source

Blog Posts[]

Additional Application period for Closed Beta Test (April 6, 2020) Source

Closed Beta Test Schedule (March 27, 2020) Source

Official Fankit (game assets) Release (March 12, 2020) Source

Responding to Opinions and Requests from the Alpha Test (February 14, 2020) Source

Closed Alpha Test Feedback Report (February 12, 2020) Source


Interviews with 4Gamer, Famitsu, and Dengeki Online (September 5, 2019) 4Gamer Famitsu Dengeki Online