Blue Protocol Wiki
Gender Male
Race Unknown
Type Story Character
Role Unknown
Seiyuu Ayumu Murase
Voiceactor TBA

Merlouf (メルロウフ) is one of the key characters in Blue Protocol. He is a mysterious boy who seems to know something about the protagonist.


Merlouf is a boy who appeared out of nothing. He seems to want to help the protagonist, but he's extremely cryptic.[1]


Merlouf is a young looking boy of short stature. He has short, messy light purple hair, with side bangs being aqua color. His eyes are light green.

Merlouf wears a simple shirt, white on the whole left and black on the right half. The shirt has a kind of a half cloak connected to the collar, barely covering his right shoulder. This cloak is adorned with two colored strips, one being light purple and the other aqua (same colors as his hair). At the center of his chest, the cloak has a particular white mark, under which can be seen a black and green tassel. The shirt is buttoned up on the left half with five silver buttons. On his neck Merlouf has a thin, aqua colored choker. At the end of his sleeves there are a pair of silver bracelets. He wears black shorts, adorned with silver metallic accessories, similar to the bracelets. Lastly, he wears black and white high boots.


Almost nothing is known about Merlouf. He is extremely mysterious, yet he seems to be interested in the protagonist. It appears he intends to help him in the future, but his intentions are completely unknown.


Merlouf appears one single time in the CBT Story. After the protagonist and Feste encounter (and fight) with the very first Avalitia of the story, in Dragonclaw Valley, Merlouf appears behind them by falling from the sky. He immediately asks the protagonist if he is a Raija. He continues to wonder by himself, reflecting on the "aura" he felt coming from them; believing it belongs to a Raija, yet he appears to be unsure of it. He ends his pondering by thinking that is yet too soon to reach conclusions. He then decides to at least tell the party his name, as he thinks that they would soon begin to meet each other quite often. After his brief introduction, he bids them farewell and flies towards the sky.[2]

Quest Involvement[]


  • キミは・・・・・・来者なのか? Kimiha... Raija nanoka?



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