Blue Protocol Wiki
Gender Male
Race Human
Type Story Character
Role Adventurer
Weapon 1H Sword
Seiyuu Kazuyuki Okitsu
Voiceactor TBA

Jake (ジェイク) is a Story Character of Blue Protocol. He is a veteran member of Asterliese's Adventurer Guild.


Jake is a self-proclaimed "best of the best" adventurer known for his title in Asterliese.


Jake is a young tall man. His hair is short, the top part is blonde and black on the sides. His eyes are teal.

He wears a reddish brown V neck shirt with a single oblique lighter strip as detail. Over the shirt he has a teal coat with orange and white strips on his left. The coat has light gray edges, buttons and a white fur collar. On the lower part of the coat there is also a brown open belt. On his right arm he has a kind of a light brown armband pouch and wears a long brown glove with white edge. On his left shoulder he has a brown spaulder, kept on by a black belt that encircles his chest. His entire left arm is covered in a light armor of the same color of the spaulder. He wears light gray pants, on which he brings another brown belt. On both legs he has a light brown leg backpack. He wears over-knee leg armor brown boots.


Jake is quite clearly an outgoing person. By Feste's words, he self-proclaims himself as Asterliese best adventurer. He is extremely confident in his skills and is very charismatic. Even though he likes to boast, he reveals to be very helpful and reliable. He teaches new adventurers their way around in Asterliese.


Jake immediately takes an interest in the protagonist after discovering that they dealt with the Goblins in the Cliff Ruins all alone. He decides to help them by putting a good word in the Adventurer Guild.[1]

Quest Involvement[]


  • ハハッ、冗談キツいな。アバリティアってのは冒険譚に出てくる怪物だろ?


  • Jake often uses english words when talking.


Promotional Video[]

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