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Imajinn (Imagine) are the souls of creatures that inhabit the world of Blue Protocol.

There are three categories of Imajinn: Battle Imajinn that aide you in combat, Mount Imajinn which you can ride to traverse the overworld, and Equipment Imajinn which can be attached to your character for passive stat bonuses.

Battle Imajinn[]

Battle Imajinn have a multitude of effects, active and passive. You can equip two battle imajinn at a time.

(table of all types and what they do)

Mount Imajinn[]

Mount Imajinn can be called upon to ride across the plains. They can not be used in Asterleeds.

Mount Imajinn have energy and stamina bars, which, when depleted, will despawn the imajinn. Its energy can be charged by .. .

Equipment Imajinn[]

Equipment Imajinn boost two of your character's stats passively. They can be attached to your head, left and right arms, and left and right legs, for a total of 5. Stat bonuses get higher as rarity increases.