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Foe Breaker
Heavy Smasher Class
Weapon(s) Used Hammer
Properties Melee DPS


- Equipped with a super heavy, massive hammer, who attacks with slow, single blows. Can be used as a sub-tank by preventing enemy movement or slowing them, or even drawing them in closer. The ball on the end can also be used as a cannon that can be charged up. Movement speed is the same as other classes. While the attacks seem slow, there are little tricks like gaining super armor, and stat-wise is a high HP class, so you can face tank hits while smashing enemies. You can remove super armor to boost normal defense, but will have reduced movement speed. In the test play, it was used to safely resurrect dead players, albeit an unintended feature. Shimooka says it's fun to manage the cartridge (cannon--this is probably the unique mechanic of this class). The three have tested it and say it's fun with its big, dramatic single blow attacks.

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