Blue Protocol Wiki
Gender Female
Race Demi-Human
Type Story Character
Role Player's Master
Weapon Rocks & Poison flasks
Seiyuu Rina Hidaka
Voiceactor TBA

Feste (フェステ) is one of the main characters of Blue Protocol. She is the Player master and follows them through their journey.


Feste is the very first Story Character you will encounter on your journey. She is a Demi-Human little girl who has a cute and fragile appearance that she often uses to deceive others to get her way around.


Feste has purplish red short hair, with two bottom hair strands fading into a bright yellow color. She has light green eyes, pointy demonic ears and two fangs. On her head are two yellow horns which she adorns with a black ribbon on each of them.

She wears a two piece dress, a dark gray cross strap crop top with lighter gray edges, and bagged shorts of the same colors. Over this she wears a yellow and gray coat. The coat has rolled up sleeves with two white strips each, the collar is dark gray and and there are two brown buttons which she leaves unbuttoned. On the right of her jacket she has a cyan notebook with a brown binding, in the middle it appears to be a keyhole. On her hands she wears light brown fingerless gloves. On her back Feste carries a light brown backpack, on which is hanged a little orange bag at her left, and a cyan, damaged old-looking hat on the front side. Her footwear are yellow and gray peep-toe boots.


Feste is very lively. She is extremely sly and cheeky. She knows perfectly how to get her way around with people to make the situation favorable to her. She loves money and treasures, and will always try to be able to gain something and be repaid for her work. Aside from that, Feste is shown to be quite serious in dangerous situation like the very first scene of the game, willing to risk her life to let a complete stranger run away from a Goblin. She also clearly cares enough about the protagonist to keep their side even when confronting with Avalitias.

Feste is quite well-connected, she seems to know Asterliese and its people very well.


After finding the protagonist in the cave and being saved by them in the introductory scene, Feste gets to know about their situation. She decides to help them finding back their lost memories, but in exchange she tricks the protagonist into signing a document in her notebook to become her servant. Thus they become companions and set on an adventure to discover the truth behind the protagonist and their role, as well as to find treasures and become rich.[1]

Quest Involvement[]


  • さすがにワシも、見殺しは夢見が悪い
  • 金じゃ!


  • Feste is the very first Story Character to appear in Blue Protocol.
  • Feste is a Demi-Human, as showed by her horns, pointy ears and fangs. But we don't actually know what other race blood she has; considering Voldigen's pointy ears, there is a good chance she has Dragon blood in her and might even have some relation to Voldigen.


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