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On February 7, 2020, the BLUE PROTOCOL YouTube Channel posted a news video. In the video, developers Shimooka, Suzuki, and Fukusaki introduced the game to new viewers and officially announced the start of the Closed Beta Test.


Video Source (17 min) and summarized transcription (with timestamps)

Shimooka (middle) exec. producer

Suzuki (left) general management director

Fukuzaki (right) BP development director


Today we present new news about BP.

Shimooka: It's been a while since alpha (others agree)

Suzuki explains BP: Project Sky Blue's main project; PC based online action RPG that incorporates stunning visuals and all the action in a multiplayer online environment. The original title is in development. Last year, we had players participate in a closed alpha test.


Fukuzaki: Thank you everyone who participated in the CaT.

We looked at all the feedback we received and would like to continue development based on what we heard.


Shimooka: we prepared a brand new trailer for everyone, so please have a look


All: wow it's so cool!

Shimooka: in this PV a lot of keywords came up, like Avalitia(?), 来者 (visitor from the future). There was a bit of story, and, I wonder if some of the alpha testers noticed in the gameplay but there was quite a bit of some of their feedback incorporated into it. So let's talk about that..


Suzuki: Let's do a quick introduction of some story characters;

Fukuzaki: Actually these characters were in the game during the CAT, but they basically had no purpose. So you may recognize the characters, but this time we'll tell you about who they are.

Characters translated (via reddit):


Shimooka: The adventurers come from 1000 years in the future


Suzuki: Let's introduce the mounts (Imajinn/Imagine)

Fukuzaki: You can do various things by using a mount. There are also "battle imajinn" (?). The one shown here is a rideable mount. (others) so you can traverse large plains and things quickly.


Suzuki: Next up is character creation and accessories.

Fukuzaki: We got a lot of feedback during the CAT about clothing and came up with some ideas, so for now we can showcase these rabbit and cat ears and characters shorter in stature than during the CAT. Since they were shown in the earlier trailer as well, it's safe to say they're confirmed.


Fukuzaki: Since we received a lot of feedback, we're still working on developing a lot of things, so stay tuned and I'm hopeful we can show them sometime!


Suzuki: We talked about a bunch of things, but we have a very important announcement to make right now: Closed Beta confirmed!


Shimooka: Complete with everything we talked about up until now, the Closed Beta test is officially announced!

Suzuki: Apply starting Feb 12; 50,000 players (random drawing if more applicants); Test period begins late March; 4 day long testing period (75 hours of play time including saturday/sunday). The official test period will be announced at a later date, and the test period as well as recruitment period are subject to change and will be announced on the official website.


Suzuki: We couldn't give too many spoilers away today, but next time please tune in to our Youtube LIVE BROADCAST for the next developer update. Also the NDA is lifted.


Suzuki: Also, when we renew the site, we will explicitly state how the feedback has been implemented into the game (what was changed/added).


Shimooka: There will be a clear difference for people from the alpha test--they'll see how the game has changed from alpha to beta.

Suzuki: There will be no NDA for the beta test, so we encourage participants to stream and upload content from here on!


Suzuki: Thank you for watching up until now. That's it for new info.

Thank you for waiting, and hope you can provide us with passionate feedback during the Beta as well.


Fukuzaki: We will continue to shape the game based on your feedback, so thank you.


Shimooka: From here on we will be leaking information more frequently, like on our live broadcasts. We will be releasing the trailer shown earlier on this channel, so please have a look and share! We want you to know that we have all our players in mind and want to feel like this game is made WITH you all and we are listening to all of your comments! There should be a lot of updates coming on twitter so go ahead and follow us there too.


Shimooka: So that's about it, thanks for joining us everyone, until next time!