Blue Protocol Wiki
Gender Female
Race Human
Type Story Character
Role Oracle Priestess
Seiyuu Megumi Yamaguchi
Voiceactor TBA

Einrain (アインレイン) is a side character of Blue Protocol. She is a mysterious girl with some clear importance on the whole story of the game. She is the Oracle Priestess of the Bapharian Church.[1]


A mysterious girl who you will meet many times on your journey. She helps you without saying much. Einrain seems to be related to the Bapharian Religion.


Einrain is a young looking girl. She has long, waist-lenght mint colored hair, with two strands lifted in the air by two golden rings. At the very end they fade into warmer, orange color. She has light blue eyes.

She wears a religious garnment. The dress is layered in two parts, the innermost being dark blue and the top layer covering the front being purple. The topmost layer has azure motifs appearing on the corners, and it is tightened on her body under her chest. It has an halterneck, leaving the back uncovered. The front of the collar part is adorned with a golden decoration, under which there is a green knot. From this knot two strings continue on the front of the dress ending into a tassel at around waist-level. Additionally, from under her garnment two other pair of strings continue in the direction of her shoulders, tying and supporting a blue mantle, covering all of her back. The mantle also has golden decorations on the top, and a intricate, azure design on the back. The inner part of the mantle is purple. Einrain wears thigh highs dark blue socks, on the top part of which a green tassel like the one on her dress appears. The socks are held up by thin purple strings tied to the dress. She has low heel purple boots, with green and light gray details.


Einrain is an extremely mysterious character. Not much is known about her, especially considering that up to the CBT story, she only had two scenes with few dialogue lines. She seems to have a cold, emotionless behaviour, but she also seems to be intrigued by the protagonist. Einrain seems also to know something regarding the protagonist and their situation, but the extent of her knowledge is not yet clear. She does actually go out of her way to help the protagonist both times they meet her.


Her first appearance is in the Bapharia Shrine, peeking at the protagonist and Feste talking to each other from behind a pillar. She asks the protagonist if "they are like that", but apparently both the protagonist and Einrain don't know each other. Feste points out that she is probably a member of the Church, and after being asked whether or not she knew something about the word "Raija" she just says that they should go to Minsterhorn if they intend to discover more. After a moment of distraction, Einrain completely disappears.

She appears a second time in Bergmahl, still peeking at the protagonist and Feste from afar. Feste asks her if the head priest or priestess was around, as they needed a permit to access the Pillar of Divinity. She affirms that's the case, but then asks the protagonist if the permit was something they really needed. After the protagonist nods, she grants their desire by bringing them a permit. When being questioned by an unbelieving Feste about why she granted the protagonist's request so easily, she says that "she was told to". Who was she told by is yet unclear.[2]

Quest Involvement[]


  • ・・・・・・あなたが、そうなの?



Promotional Video[]

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