Blue Protocol Wiki
Gender Male
Race Human
Type Story Character
Role Leader of the Knights of Bernhardt
Weapon Halberd (?)
Seiyuu TBA
Voiceactor TBA

Dunkirk (ダンケルク), also known as Mankind's Strongest (人類最強), is a Story Character of Blue Protocol. He is the leader of the Knights of the Principality of Bernhardt.[1]

Dunkirk has not yet appeared in the game aside from promotional material.


Dunkirk is a knight from the Principality of Bernhardt. He fights using what seems to be a lance or halberd.


Dunkirk is a brawny, tall man. He has short, brown hair and a full beard. His eyes are green.

Dunkirk wears a full dark blue plate armor with orange details, covering all of his body except for his waist. From his shoulders, a long orange cape can be seen. On the back of his cape a white emblem can be seen, probably being the emblem of the Order of Bernhardt. Under the armor, Dunkirk wears a black garment. On his waist his leg armor is tied by a brown belt.


All we know regarding Dunkirk is that he is a valorous and veteran warrior. He is respected by all the people of Bernhardt and considered to be the strongest man alive.[1]

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Dunkirk has not appeared in CBT Story. He will most likely appear later on in the "Bernhardt arc", but might appear before in the Insect Fortress, located around Salamzahd, considering the promotional screenshot.

-To be updated when we get to know more.

Quest Involvement[]