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- (JP region) Official release in early Spring 2023, Network Test Jan 14-16 (50,000 players).

- BP at The Game Awards on Dec 8th (potential global announcement).

- Dev stream #6 in December (date TBA) will cover NEW features.

- Covered the CBT feedback with gameplay examples and explained the how the changes turned out.

🔸Hiroyuki Sawano has finally been confirmed as composer for the Blue Protocol Main Theme.

🔸The release date for the Japanese Market has been set to Early Spring 2023.

🔸Before the Japanese release, there will be a Network Test from January 14th to 16th with 50.000 selected participants. The deadline for applications is December 13th.

🔸New Preview Trailer

🔸There will be exciting news at The Game Wards 2022 on December 8th (99% info about Global)

🔸 Updated System Requirements :

System Requirements 2022

New Class Gameplay Footage

🔸 Aegis Fighter -

➖ Melee class using a sword and shield to tank and protect the party.

➖ You can set 4 (tactical) skills, you can switch between a Tanking and Supporting build.

➖ Tank role, using the shield to counter attacks.

➖ Can use a binding field to immobilize enemies.

➖ There was no aggro system before but now there will be and all his attacks will drag aggro.

➖ Ultimate has been changed to a self buff to take less damage.

➖ Support build defends party with shields etc.

🔸 Twin striker -

➖ Close combat DPS class with dual axes.

➖ Dodges attacks and re-engage fighting style

➖ Combo gauge has been reworked

➖ Right click attacks was given drain and super armor

➖ The combo gauge will more or less not reach 0 now

➖ New Party chain mechanic where Twin Striker applies buffs to the rest of the party.

🔸 Blast Archer -

➖ Excellent in party combat, has support skills and attacks from a range with a bow

➖ Ultimate now “sucks in” mobs

➖ Hitting a mobs weak point will result in critical damage.

➖ Can sleep enemies

➖ Can heal teammates

🔸 Spell Caster -

➖ Long range class with high damage and Elemental attacks.

➖ Depending on the skill, you do type of damage.

➖ DPS class, with high burst.

➖ Now dodges via a backflip.

➖ Probably the most difficult class to play.

➖ Very effective in Party

🔸 Heavy Smasher -

➖ Will be playable in Network Test

➖ Close/mid-range combat, holds the front line with a hammer and protects allies

➖ You can smash and use jump attacks

➖ Small mobs will go flying and get knocked down

➖ Uses “bullets” to use certain tactical skills you need to reload from time to time.

➖ Reloading at 0 bullets will give some extra buffs.

➖ Heavy Smasher is a Sub-Tank.

➖ Has High HP, cant defend with a shield or anything but with high HP and dodge mechanics.

➖ Attacks generate aggro like Aegis Fighter.

➖ Ult deals big AoE damage.

➖ Ult has a “cutscene”. You are invincible until the end of it.

Updates based on previous Player Feedback from past Betas

🔸 More character customization options (Height, Bust, Hair, more Voice Types etc)

Character Options 1

Character Options 2

🔸 More accessories for Eyes, Back, Head, Ears, Cheeks, Piercings. 7 accessory Types in Total.

🔸 Updated UI for Adventurer Rank Panel. Now rewards you with items and other resources.

🔸 Adventurer rank is no longer tied to the Main Story progress and is now raised by clearing different missions. The adventurer UI Panel has also been updated.

Adventurer Rank

🔸 Adjustments has been made to Camera Locks.

🔸 It is no easier to tell the level difference of mobs.

Mob Level Template

🔸 To add more combat variety and freedom Dodge attacks have been added and more varieties for skill builds.

🔸 You can swap between different builds now.

Build Swap UI

🔸 Skill, Inner imagine and Builds UI has been updated

🔸 Enemy attack patterns have been improved from CBT to make fights feel more interesting.

🔸 You can no longer “speedrun” dungeons. Mobs now have to be cleared. Not clearing them could result in you missing out on Chests that can drop that contain gear etc.

🔸 You can now specify what special effects you want to appear on your screen like Healing and Buff Areas only.

🔸 You can now change how long it takes for you to dodge after pressing the dodge button (like dodging instantly or with a short delay).

🔸You can now create multiple Item and Imagine Layouts.

🔸 You can now preview other class abilities without changing your class.

🔸 You now unlock new abilities via levels and no longer unlock them with skill points.

🔸 There are now training dummies outside of Asterleeds.

Training Dummies

🔸 Imagines now scale with your level so you don’t have to switch it when you change your class.

🔸 Mount moves faster than running even when not sprinting, and only uses energy when sprinting now.

🔸 Minimaps have been added to Dungeons

🔸 Exploration points now become visible by walking into its area and are no longer hidden in fog.

🔸 You can now add recipes to a checklist to monitor what materials are needed to craft the item.

Recipe Panel UI

🔸 The amount of ongoing quests displayed has been increased.

Quest Panel UI

🔸 An overall UI redesign is in the works.

🔸 You can now keybind windows like the Equipment Panel.

🔸 You can now move the Class Gauge Meters so they are no longer in the way.

🔸 Various improvements to Shortcuts for Items, Emotes, Shortcut wheel etc. has been made.

Chatwheel UI

🔸 It is now easier to spot players that have been defeated to resurrect them.

🔸 You can now hide your weapon so it only appears in combat.

🔸 Custom Player Profiles added.

Player Profile 1

Player Profile 2

🔸 More Photo Mode options added.

🔸 Friendlist has been overhauled.

🔸 Chat Tabs has been added. You can set manual filters to each tab.

🔸 You now get a notification when someone messages you while crafting.

🔸 You can now set how many players will appear on your screen.

🔸 You can now change classes by just switching weapons (no longer need to visit an NPC)

🔸 There are now different bags for Items, Equipment etc. and when your bags are full new Items you loot will automatically be sent to your Storage.

🔸 It is now easier to select multiple items.

🔸 It is now easier to tell apart gathering materials in the field.

Gathering Field Icons

🔸 Weapons now have a “fixed” level and no longer have to be leveled via crafting.

🔸 Achievement System has been added.

Achievement System UI

🔸 A “Team Chat” has been added.

🔸 You are now guaranteed to end up in the same channel as your party mates even when the channel is “full”.

🔸 More customization options for Gamepad added.

🔸 Season Pass confirmed (again).

Season Pass UI

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