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Developer Streams (ブルプロ通信) are live broadcasts held by Project Sky Blue members Suzuki, Shimooka, and Fukusaki on the Blue Protocol YouTube Channel.

In the streams, the developers highlight upcoming content as well as respond to tweets.

Stream #4[]

Stream #4 was planned to be broadcast on April 20, 2020, but was cancelled on April 9th due to health concerns.

Stream #3 (Feb 27, 2020)[]

Developer Livestream #3

Among the features to take a closer look at today was the “Dungeon”. During their gameplay, the Developers built upon the anticipation generated from the previous stream by showcasing to the fans what the fantastic graphics of Blue Protocol look like in actual fast-paced combat.

Moreover, we were given more insight into how experience and loot is distributed among players and parties as well as additional in-game features such as the Arena (PvE survival battle mode).

Party Play

Following the success of the 2nd developer stream, many fans couldn’t wait for the 3rd to take place. The developers decided to run through the overworld version of Dragon Claw Valley.

What stood out, was the fact that the graphics, at least so far, are smooth and pleasing to the eye even when multiple spell animations occurred while fighting as opposed to some rather recent titles that can go overboard on how flashy animations can get.

While the developers wandered around the zone killing one enemy after the other, it was great to witness some interesting, yet small, details incorporated into the overall gameplay of the game. One such detail was the fact that that you can actually fall off the map and die, making positioning while fighting also very important, while the other one was that short cutscenes (seen at 18:37) appear when your character is executing a special skill and the death animation of monsters changes depending on how they were killed. Normally dead monsters turn black and wither away, though if a fire spell is used, you can see them actually burn (24:04).

The Arena is a PvE survival battle mode where players are placed into an Arena and have to face waves of incoming monsters. Players can enter either on their own or as part of a group in order to face their challenge.

Before entering, players can choose the difficulty level of said challenge. Difficulty ranks from C (easiest) to S (hardest) and comes with a 30-minute time limit.

Twitter Q&A

  • Which is the main control scheme: Gamepad or Mouse/Keyboard?

Since its a PC game, mouse and keyboard is the original input method but gamepad support is available. You can change input settings in the options.

  • How many accessories are there/facial options

There's one slot right now (animal ears) but are planning on adding 7 accessory slots in total.

  • Can you play the main story for free and as single-player?

The main story will be for free and you will be able to complete it by playing Solo.

  • About the party vs party system. Won't it eventually becomes so that people only want experienced players?

We hope there are players that want to party with all experience levels. Players that want to tryhard can use the Recruit/Join window to find players with experience. Those that just want to play can use the Dungeon Finder.

  • Do enemies have elemental weaknesses? Is there damage up/down based on that?

Yes, Weapon Elements and Spell Elements will have additional effects. The bonus damage and status effects are useful but not insanely OP

  • How does the day/night cycle work? Does it match up with real-time?

No cause most players would only see night time. It used to be 24 min = 24 hours but some people wanted to see more scenery at night, etc. so we've set it to 48 min = 24 hours

  • Can you transfer items to a different character?

In the CBT you can create 2 Characters. You can send certain Items via Mail to another character of yours but you can't trade items directly.

  • Is there a death penalty (if you die in a dungeon)?

When you die you respawn at 50% HP and a debuff that slows your Character.

  • Is there a way to lock items to not accidentally drop them?

Not in the CBT but we will add this option.

  • Is there an animation when you eat food or drink potions etc?

Not now but it will be added in the future.

  • Is it possible to clear Dungeons and Raids as Duo?

You can go into a Dungeon without meeting the max. players condition. Clearing the dungeon will be hard, however.

  • What type of chat channels are there?

Local to talk to players that are close to you, Map and Privat Channels for your Party for example.

  • Info about raids

Raids were originally intended for 30 players but we reduced it to 20. This might change based on the CBT Feedback. Everyone in the same raid (including dead players) can earn rewards. There will be a post screen with the player rankings and the Top 3 Players will receive extra rewards. There is also MVP for most Damage and most Healing done.

  • Is there a screenshot mode?

We think that a screenshot mode is a good idea and we will add it in the future.

  • Is there a setting to auto-follow party members?

You can use alt to auto-follow someone. Your character will also sprint when the character you are following is sprinting. The damage will, however, cancel auto-walk and your character does not automatically jump to avoid obstacles either.

  • Is the friend list character or account bound?

It's character bound.

  • Global release

In the interviews, we have said that it was intended to go global from the start but the CBT, as well as the previous CaT, is for Japanese players only for feedback purposes. We can't confirm right now if we release the game globally or in certain regions only. However, BP will launch in Japan first and in other regions later.

  • Will the devs play the official release and CBT?

Yes, we will play the CBT if we have enough time. GM's will have a【運営】tag next to their name.

Elemental damage effects:

  1. Fire: Continuous Damage
  2. Ice: Movement Speed Down
  3. Lightning: Continuous Damage + Skill Interval Prolonged
  4. Earth: Movement Speed Down
  5. Light: Continuous Damage + Knockback
  6. Darkness: Continuous Damage

Once stacked, they all have a burst effect:

  1. Fire: High Damage Explosion
  2. Ice: Immobilize + Damage after Immobilize wears off
  3. Lightning: High Damage Explosion
  4. Earth: Immobilize + Damage after Immobilize wears off
  5. Light: High Damage Explosion
  6. Darkness: Immobilize + Damage after Immobilize wears off
  • Please make it so that you can chat while walking.

You can now move while being in the chat mode.

  • About time attack rankings

There will be a leaderboard on the official website but we will add one into the game later as well.

  • Questing

Quests can only be seen on the minimap. There are some hidden quests too like a quest about a maid looking for her cat. You need to try hard to find her because she doesn't have the quest icon.

  • Free exploration Dungeons

Free exploration Dungeons are basically like normal PvE fields where you meet other players and parties. You can fight with them together and you can support them with heals too.

Stream #2 (Feb 20, 2020)[]

Developer Livestream #2 In addition to its unique graphics in comparison to other MMORPG’s, Blue Protocol aims to provide players with unique and intriguing classes. So far 4 classes have been revealed, even though according to the Developers more are in the working. In the latest stream, we learned a lot about the classes and what has been changed since the Alpha. Skill trees are now available for example as you can see at 14:34.

Aegis Fighter (18:02)

As the name suggest, this class is your typical fighter equipped with Sword and Shield. On the left side of the Interface a “Shield Gauge” is featured. This can be used to block and counter foes but you have to keep in mind that if the Gauge is depleted, you won’t be able to use your shield and its skills. You can also use combos to boost your character’s stats, launch counter attacks and generate agro (threat). It is important to note that one is expected to keep rotating skills in order to keep aggroing monsters, otherwise aggro will be lost.

Twin Striker (28:21)

A somewhat non-traditional class that is equipped with 2 axes in hand and a class almost everyone had lots of fun with during the Closed Alpha Test. The Twin Striker concentrates on generating lots of damage by constantly keeping his combo’s up. The downside is that upon being hit the combos are lost. Among the attacks that were shown were a life-steal type of attack, a fire combo that did burning damage on the ground as well as a charging attack that could be cancelled on purpose.

Blast Archer (33:44)

One of the traditionally most popular classes is of course the Archer-type. Contrary to the typical DPS role it serves in other games, the Blast Archer serves the party with their long ranged attacks and support skills. This class can raise the party speed as well as use sleeping/poison arrows to harass enemies and boost damage dealt. In terms of supporting, it has to be noted that this class features AoE healing spells that require good aiming on the player’s part.

Spell Caster (44:22)

As the name suggests, playing this class allows you to bend the elements of nature to your will! No matter if you choose Fire, Ice or Lightning; you will hurt your enemies either by directly damaging them or by applying debuffs on them. The Spellcaster also makes strategic use of charge-up timers, meaning that players will have to weigh whether they want to attack quick with less power or rather boost their attack for longer but making it stronger. Similar to the Aegis Fighter, the Spell Caster uses a special Gauge which can be consumed to ignore cooldowns and do chain-damage.

Some spells that we got the chance to witness were: -Blizzard: an AoE slowing spell -Thunder-mine: a Sphere of electricity quickly floating towards the enemy -Meteor: a fire spell that deals large amounts of damage but has a great cooldown timer.

Elements (54:00)

There are 6 elements in Blue Protocol namely: Fire, Ice, Earth, Light, Lightning and Poison. All of these elements apply different effects and debuffs on damage. Moreover, various special effects occur when you stack elements.

Twitter Q&A

  • Paid Features

Paid features will not affect stats, weapons or progression. Paid content will consist of costumes and convenience features only. There will also be a Battle Pass. The Battle Pass will be a premium service similar to Battle Passes in Battle Royale games. It won't give you any gameplay advantage compared to Free2Play players.

  • Character names

The maximum length for names is 12 characters. Duplicate names are allowed.

  • How many Voice selections are there for your character?

Both genders have 3 voice packs. We want to add more at some point. You can pick your voice based on your character appearance/playstyle etc so have fun.

  • Can you change your appearance afterwards?

Yes, we plan to add this feature in the future.

  • How many characters can you make?

2 Characters in the Closed beta since you basically only need one character. But we will think about it later.

  • Will there be guilds?

We are planning to add guilds later. We have plans for it.

  • Will there be Lifeskill/activity content?

We want to work on it but we want to make something that is connected to the game itself and not just a standalone feature. Those features will be optimal however and for fun.

  • Is there a trading place/auction house?

Not for now. We want to prevent RMT(Real-Money Trading aka gold-selling etc) which would make the game Pay2Win.

  • Will there be PvP?

No PLAYER vs PLAYER, but PARTY vs Monsters will be a thing. There is a big wall between those who dont want to pvp/arent good vs the people that really want it. It's really hard to convince people that dont want to PvP to do PvP and we want PvE Players to enjoy it too. So unless we can get them to enjoy it too, probably not. We dont intend to force anyone to do PvP.

  • Will you add more classes before release?

They take time and we're working on them, but we don't know when they'll be out.

  • Will there be a lock on feature?

Yes, you can use your mouse scroll button to cycle through locked on enemies.

  • Can you change your weapons element?

To be more specific, you add the element to the weapon.

  • Is the background music different during the day and at night?


  • Will clothes be class restricted?


  • Can you dye clothes?

We plan to implement it.

  • Can you use a gamepad?

Yes, The supported controllers are XBOX ONE/DUALSHOCK 4/A and some Logitech Gamepads.

  • What is the max resolution?

FULL HD (1080P) As we want to push the graphical contents on multiple platforms

  • Can you change and hide your UI and freely adjust keyboard settings?

Yes. (1:24:57)

  • What will you do against botting?

Of course, we will very strictly deal with them. We terminated the account that did things in the Alpha. Because it could be a security issue, we can't reveal too much about it but we will act strictly.

  • Is there a benchmark software?

Not for now but we will make one.

  • Can you demo your character before creating it?

Yes, you can demo your character and see how it looks like in-game.

  • Who composed the music?

We can't say yet, cause its still CBT but we will announce it when the time is right.

  • Will you make LINE (basically WhatsApp for Japan) Stamps/Stickers?

I dunno, are we?

  • Please clearly explain zones and channels!

In a zone, the whole map loads at once and you will not have loading screens within this zone. There will be a player cap per zone to keep spawn rates appropriate and to prevent server problems. The next instance is called a channel. Channels are duplicate zones, with different players connected to it. Towns will have 200 players per channel, Zones 30 and Dungeons 6. Party members can summon other party members into their channel so if you wanna meet up with your friends make a party.

  • Can you change to another channel?

In the cbt, no. We understand that many would love this feature but it would cause problems so we won't add it. But we want to make it so everyone can have fun on whatever channel they're in so we'll add something to balance it out.

Stream #1 (Feb 13, 2020)[]

Developer Livestream #1

  • CBT Will be Mid-Late March
  • Testing will involve Server Load, Game Improvements/Direct, and Further Adjustments
  • Character Creation for both Male and Females shown off
  • Glimpse of the story and meeting Feste, the girl from the trailer
  • A walk around the city, meeting various NPCs and learning to dance!
  • Parkour on the rooftops and a calming beach!
  • Arena will be available! (no PVP)
  • Previously inaccessible zones will be available!
  • Stickers, chat emotes, adorable dances!
  • New class abilities
  • Aegis: Holy AOE
  • Striker: Fire Combo Builder
  • Archer: Earth Shot CC
  • Caster: Fire Grenades
  • They are making REAL weapons and semi confirmed new classes
  • New CBT Field and CBT Dungeon will be available for testing
  • RAID Boss!
  • Time Attack Dungeon