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The Closed Alpha Test for Blue Protocol was from July 26, 2019 to July 28, 2019.



Feedback Response Translation[]

The developers wrote two blog posts highlighting highly requested features and popular opinions from the closed alpha test.

This is the Blue Protocol management team.

Thank you for your interest in Blue Protocol. A few days ago, we announced that the Closed Beta Test (hereon CBT) will be held in late March. Please go ahead and register, we want to collect many thoughts and requests from you!

In the CBT, you can see a lot of influence of the Closed Alpha Test (hereon CaT) being reflected in the changes we made and can experience them in-game. Additionally, we've read all of the feedback provided and want to share with you our current development situation. Finally, please keep in mind that the CBT includes changes and new content that was not found in feedback as well.

About the basic Battle mode: Party vs Party Currently, battle/combat development is proceeding as we originally planned, but in CBT, there will be special areas within dungeons, as well as event dungeons which will implement Party vs Party. Party vs party is a basic Battle mode, progressive difficulty, and increasing enemy cooperation will make it more and more complex, so each battle won't feel like a new introduction to the system. After observing how this plays out, we will fine-tune and adjust the balancing.

Character Creation[]

  • I want more customization options in general
  • I want a quantifiable height (in cm), and to create a shorter character
  • I want to change the head and body
  • I want more customization settings for the parts
  • I want a smaller breast size, and to adjust the breast angle
  • I want more voice packs, and to be able to adjust the voice pitch

In CBT, we've added things like hairstyles, battle scar/mole, lip and makeup customization, and some physics(?) to some hair. You can now create shorter characters than in CaT, and we've added body figure selection. In CBT, you will only be able to select one face type per body figure type, but plan to add more face types in the future. We are continuing to increase our selection of parts and their customization options, as well as voice packs.

Combat/Action related[]

  • Hit impacts feel weak since enemies don't react much. It feels unnatural.

We're working on adding enemy reactions and adjusting camera motions. We're also working on adjusting animation cancels to be more smooth.

  • The enemies did not strategize, and it felt like a repetition of grouping mobs and killing them. I wish they would strategize and cooperate more.

The changes we are working on are as follows: Elemental attributes and burst (cooperation/grouping up -> attacking together) are some of the structures we're working with, as well as having enemies strategize based on elements to add a factor of cooperation among them, and incorporating things such as explosions that knock you back. We're making a clearer distinction between class roles, adjusting what role each class should play as well as their healing abilities. Part (body part? AoE? environmental?) damage will be fine tuned We will increase the sense of "needing to watch your enemy's behavior and evade/use skills accordingly, then attack accordingly".

We're adding elemental attributes. When used in the right situations, it will increase your damage. Also, we added roles to some enemies, who will act based on those roles. In order to emphasize each class' role, we've changed some of the skills. You can find the skill changes in the Class/Skill Related section below.

  • Spamming mouse click is tiring

We've added the option to use mouse functions by just clicking and holding it down. It can be toggled on/off in the settings, and is on by default.

  • The effects are too flashy

You can now select which effects are displayed in the options.

  • The climbing and running animations are lame

We have reviewed and adjusted the animations. We plan to continue adjusting these from here on.

  • Sheathing your weapon is a hassle (weapon must be put away in order to sprint)

We've made it so when you start running, your weapon will automatically be put away

  • Please add invincibility frames (i-frames) to evasion skills

We've made the invincibility period a bit longer since the CaT. Also, we've implemented extended evasion distance based on your character's height.

  • It's hard to aim because the alignment overlaps with the character

Based on each class' time for drawing their weapon, we've adjusted the aim positioning. We're also making it so targeting won't be displayed while your weapon is sheathed [making it easier to engage].

  • It's hard to tell where an enemy's aggro range is, please show it with some sort of UI

While we are experimenting with ideas to make it clearer WHO an enemy is targeting, adding a gauge to display enemy aggro distance is not part of our plans.

Enemy Related[]

  • Enemy aggro behavior and animations are hard to understand

We've implemented some changes.

  • Their movement is too simple and predictable.

We've implemented some changes, listed above in the Combat/Action Related section.

  • Please have mobs drop items like weapons (at a low rate).

While enemies won't drop weapons, they'll drop materials to craft Imajinn called Ideas, and items that can be used to strengthen your weapons and Imajinn called Refined Star Glass and other rare items.

Class/Skill Related[]

First off, our plan is to make it so you can change your skill build based on which skills you choose to raise. For example, an Aegis Fighter could have any of the following skill builds: shield-focused with skills to control enemy aggro, damage-focused to build up damage and drive aggro that way, a support-focused build, or more! You will be able to experiment with skills of your liking.

  • We've adjusted class roles
  • We've introduced a skills tab, and tuned some skills as well as added some new ones

Other Changes

To go along with the skills tab, we've added skill points so you can choose your own skill build. You get skill points by leveling up. When you acquire a skill point, you will get a skill point(s) for your class, as well as a Bonus Skill Point that can be used for all classes. [I think this means that although you can play every class, you can realistically build two at a time, for example Aegis Fighter (main) and Blast Archer (with bonus skill points). It may be possible to take out your bonus skill points and repurpose them into another class, but if you want all 4 classes to be maxed out, it sounds like you need to level 2 characters to max level and use the Bonus Points on the other two.]

We've added things like debuffs that will modify your damage against a debuffed target (I'm uncertain if they mean that only characters can debuff mobs or if mobs can debuff characters back). We've removed the automatic HP recovery that occurred outside of combat. When entering a dungeon, potions/consumable items will be distributed for use inside the dungeon, and they disappear upon clearing or failing the dungeon. On the default keybindings, they will be assigned to F1~F4 on the palette. The amount of recovery items dropped in the field was increased

The Class/Skill Related section is a list of our changes based on all the helpful feedback received from CaT testers. It's quite a bit, so we will explain our reasoning here:

First off, these changes are not intended to raise the skill cap. In the CaT, since you had plenty of HP recovery resources, it was possible to hit all mobs and just brute force through all of them. To balance this aspect, we would need things like enemies doing a large amount of damage, or placing restrictions on healing items, which would take away from the high-action gameplay and balancing will end up going down an extreme path. In order to prevent this and to balance the total HP amount (including healing resources) and the amount of damage in all of the content, we have made the changes above. In regards to game balance, once we have gathered player data and feedback from the CBT, we will continue to make balance adjustments, so please share your thoughts with us.

Also, in the CaT we removed some quests, so that you could only do the advancement quest once, but this made it difficult to train classes after the first one, so in CBT, you can accept the advancement quests on each class. Additionally, we're making it easier to clear the early dungeons solo.

Furthermore, for beginner players who play long range classes or are new to action RPGs, we will introduce a helper NPC to help clear dungeons that are required in the questline, however that NPC will not be implemented in the CBT. There are no changes in our plan to implement this feature.

Field Related[]

We've added some more features for searching and walking around the fields in the CBT. Along with this, we're adjusting field mobs' player-detection parameters and detection range, as well as their distribution (spawn rate/location). Also, we added fall damage to fields and dungeons.

As the difference between your level and enemy levels increase, you will be less detectable. Based on the level difference, the range at which you will be detected will be change.

  • When I run or jump while being seen by enemies I lose stamina and can't run away

Based on the changes we listed above, it is unlikely that you will find yourself in a scenario where you won't be able to escape from a large group of enemies like in the CaT. Enemies will target you when you are in combat mode, and as running and jumping are valid means of combat, we will not conduct any changes to stamina consumption upon performing such actions.

  • Returning from the field takes too much time, I want a warp or fast travel feature Warping from the fields is a hassle, please add a shortcut.

We've removed the separation of short distance and long distance from the warp portal in Asterleeds. You can also now warp from within dungeons (except in special areas).

  • Please add a warp portal in every field map

We added a warp portal in a special area of the field (does not specify if this means every map). We added mount Imajinn to the CBT. As you progress throughout the game you can get them. You can only use them in special areas.

  • Pressing F after the gathering motion is very awkward
  • Gathering is slow, and gets canceled when you move even a bit
  • Gathering locations are too few and hard to find

We made it so you don't have to hold the F key. Also, we've added "Liquid Memories" which can be used to shorten gathering time.

  • Sound Effects/BGM Related
  • Attack sounds are too light, or just plain bad
  • Music in the field is annoying
  • The sound effect when completing a quest feels so underwhelming

We will take a look into these, and plan to continue improving and fine tuning.

Dungeon/Matching (Party Finder)/Party Related[]

In Blue Protocol, we are developing dungeons that will have a time limit of 10~15 minutes. We decided this with the intention of avoiding fatigue from a long repetition of high action gameplay. We received a lot of feedback saying that this was an appropriate amount of time to spend in a dungeon, and plan to continue development in this fashion. Additionally, roughly 25% of players said it felt too short, so we're experimenting with the ideas of changing the conquer time or MAP based on the difficulty.

Since we want matching to be a quick and easy way to find a party, we have no plan to implement any detailed conditions as it would cause fragmentation. On the other hand, we do understand that party recruitment and recruitment communication is necessary, so we will add features to create parties with common objectives and features to make it easier to communicate to form a party.

  • I ended up in a party with a high level player and they destroyed everything instantly

We added features where you can create parties with common goals and designate conditions or select from a party that you like from the recruitment list. Some content will have established appropriate levels, and the stats of players may be adjusted to match those of the dungeon. Players above the dungeon's appropriate levels will have things like their class level or gear turned down to an appropriate level.

  • 6 People for a dungeon is too much, the enemies are too weak against a full party

We made some changes. With 6 players, the difficulty will remain the same.

  • It was sad that nobody talked. Please add some pauses to communicate!

We added a shortcut ring that includes some fixed phrases. You can read about it in detail in the Talk Mode section below.

  • Matchmaking UI is hard to notice when in queue
  • We don't need the confirmation screen when matchmaking is complete

We are continuing to make changes to make it noticeable when matchmaking is complete. We made it so that if someone leaves the party between filling the party and entering the dungeon, your queue will automatically start again without having to click apply.

Other Changes:

The TOWN that you were in last, before entering the dungeon, is where you will be sent after the dungeon ends (regardless of clear/fail). For scenario dungeons (story dungeons?) only, you will end up on the LAST MAP you were in.

If you log out or go to the character selection screen while in a map or field, you will be sent to the nearest spawn point.

Town Related[]

  • Please hide the weapon and HP bar when in town

We have changed it so HP bars are hidden in towns, such as in Asterleeds. From here on, you will be able to choose in the options if you wish to display your weapon. We have also added an option to display the HUD even while out of combat when in the fields.

  • Please make it so in shops you can directly input a quantity, select max or minimum, or from several fixed quantities to buy/sell
  • Please allow us to sell all misc. (Items designed with the sole purpose of being sold for cash) items quickly

We made it so you can select quantities of items with a slider.

  • The expressionless faces of the NPCs are creepy

We've added more expressions to the NPCs in the CBT. Those of you who liked the emotionless receptionist, our apologies.

Quest/Map Related[]

  • Imajinn item drop rates are low

We changed it so Imajinn are crafted at the Imajinn Research Facility.

  • Please make it so the character travels to the destination automatically
  • I want to look at the map while i'm moving

After considerations for different methods of exploration and traveling afoot, we've decided to decline any changes. We will consider implementing similar systems in special circumstances at a later date.

  • I want the map to show urgent missions (like field boss)

Urgent Missions (called Challenge Quests in CBT) will now display an indicator on the minimap if you are in the zone that it occurs.

  • 10 seconds is very long to wait when using the warp portal, please make it shorter

We have shortened it to 5 seconds

  • Please add a minimap to dungeons

Due to the nature of dungeon design, we do not plan to add a minimap.

  • The quests make me feel like a messenger with all the errands
  • It's a shame that there is no storyline

In the CBT you can experience a bit of the story through the beautiful cutscenes.

Quest/Map Related[]

  • The zones are small, please make it seamless
  • Please increase the number of people allowed in a channel

Blue Protocol is built on the channel and zone structure. Based on our internal tests, in order to maintain the number of players, mobs, and structures in a high action environment, channels and zones are a necessary server resource. In the CaT test we confirmed, with our stress testing, what an appropriate number of players would look like, and found that how it is currently is best and thus plan to continue development under the same circumstances. However there is always a chance that we may change how many people are allowed into a specific area or zone in future content.


A zone is considered a single space where you can play the game without encountering a loading screen. Asterleeds is considered one zone, as you don't need to load when you are already in it.

Every dungeon will also operate under the same principle, so that you won't have any loading screens in the dungeon, however a wide area like the Asteria Plain, which is divided into north/east/south/west, will have loading screens when switching from an area like south to north.


If many players enter one zone, there may be consequences such as lag or not enough mobs, so we have multiple instances of each zone, and each instance has a limit on how many players it can accommodate. These instances are called channels.

  • Please make it so party members automatically get sent to the same channel

We made it so party members prioritize entering the same channel. However, it is possible that party members will be sent to different channels depending on factors like number of players in the channel and the time which you enter the map. If this occurs, please resort to the Gather Party (party summon?) feature.

  • I want to know the channel I am on and be able to freely move to any channel

We considered this after the CaT as well, but as of now, we have no plans to allow free channel switching. As described in the CaT feedback, Blue Protocol does not have worlds (servers) to choose from before creating a character, but instead all players are on the same world (server) and displaying such an enormous list of servers and allowing players to select from it will be problematic in the facet of monopolization of named enemies, heavily influencing gameplay.

  • Please show the map of the zone before entering it (on loading screen?)

We are still discussing and experimenting with how and when to display it, and it won't be implemented in the CBT.

Clothing Related[]

  • Please add stats to clothing

Because we want you to enjoy your character's appearance, we aren't adding stats to clothing.

  • I want to equip various accessories

We've added some accessories to the CBT and will continue to add accessories to various parts.

  • Please add different underwear options

This will not be implemented in time for the CBT. In the CaT, we were developing different undergarments based on the clothing worn, but due to many requests have decided to change it so underwear can be changed regardless of what outfit you are wearing with it. We are continuing to develop features like removing underwear from costumes and developing new underwear frames.

  • Please add a feature to preview clothes

This won't be available in the CBT. We will follow up on this in the future.

UI Related[]

  • Fullscreen menu is hard to use
  • Quest progress should be displayed in the UI
  • Text is too small
  • It's hard to find the X button

In the CBT we've added various new features and the ability to rearrange(?). Please let us know what you think.

  • The black bar at the bottom of the screen is unnecessary

We changed the option name. You can toggle it in: Options -> HUD -> Display Base Plate: ON/OFF.


  • Talk mode is hard to use because it changes the screen (camera)
  • It's hard to tell who is speaking
  • I want the chat log to be displayed at all times

In order to maintain highly active gameplay, presently, when performing actions (including combat) and interacting with other players, we believe it's important to have different modes of communication with improved convenience, and thus have come up with the following changes:

We've tweaked the timer on the chat log before it fades

We've added a shortcut ring with fixed statements for easy use. In the CBT you won't be able to customize what's on the ring, but we plan to add stickers and gestures as well as increase the amount of fixed phrases you can use.

We made it so you can no longer freely type in special zones (dungeons/raid battles/area). This is because it would be difficult to type in a fast paced environment and to prevent negative comments. You can still use the shortcut ring in these free-chat-restricted zones. As we expand the features of the shortcut ring, you will be able to use it to communicate in various situations.

  • Please add something to prevent stickers from flooding the chat

We made it so stickers will display in a smaller size in the chat log. When you mouseover the sticker, it'll be enlarged.

We added temporary chat timeouts to prevent spam from the same users

Item/Crafting Related[]

  • Please add a sort feature to the bag

We've made the following changes and additions:

  • Changed so that items now go into bags one at a time regardless of item type (?)
  • The inventories for Consumables and Materials, and Equipment and Costumes have been separated so they are all their individual inventories
  • Materials now show if they have been identified/appraised or not
  • When returning to town, unidentified materials will automatically be identified and moved to your storage
  • Materials can now be used for crafting whilst inside your storage
  • Materials in storage can now be sorted and sold in quantities (via slider)
  • Items acquired from an NPC shop or through crafting are now placed in your inventory.

  • Potions without cooldown are OP, it'll mess with game balance

Cooldown has been added.

  • Please add elements of randomization, like a chance to get higher stats on a weapon when crafted

We added them to some extent.

  • I want to be able to see my crafting materials without going to the crafting machine

For the CBT, you can only see them at the crafting machine. We will continue to develop QoL changes to boost convenience.

Camera Related[]

  • The camera is so close that I can't see the entirety of the enemy
  • When close to the enemy, you can't see debuffs and enemy HP

In both the CaT and CBT, once you lock onto an enemy the HP bar will be shown above the targeted enemy. We will continue to investigate instances where the HP bar is hard to see and make changes accordingly.

  • Please add a screenshot feature

Added in the CBT, on the Insert key. We experimented with adding the feature to the Print Screen key, but as it is the default Windows screenshot shortcut, the screen may freeze when used, so we changed it to the Insert key. In the CBT you won't be able to change the keybind, but will be able to in the future.

  • Please make it so the camera doesn't change when pulling out/putting away your weapon
  • Changing zones resets the camera distance

Since the appropriate camera distance and alignment differs depending on your class, you can set separate camera angles for when you sheath or draw your weapon in the settings. The 'camera distance resetting every zone' was a bug, and we fixed it. With this fix, the camera distances designated in your settings should no longer reset and will remain the way you set them.

Gamepad Related[]

  • It's difficult to operate through the menus and use the cursor
  • It's hard to change palettes
  • You can't attack while moving the camera. When moving the camera, the locked on target switches

Made adjustments to the controls and added directional pad support. We are continuing investigating possible tweaks we can make to gamepad input.

In the CBT, the following gamepads are supported:

  • Microsoft Japan / Xbox One Wired PC Controller 4N6-00003
  • Sony Entertainment / PS4 Dualshock 4 Controller
  • Logitech / Gamepad F310r
  • Elecom / Gamepad JC-FU2912FBK

Game Input Related[]

  • Long pressing the F key is unnecessary

We made it so you don't have to hold it down.

  • I want to be able to move the camera freely while maintaining autorun direction

We've added that feature! Autorunning normally allows you to change running direction when you move the camera. With the new feature, you can hold Shift to continue autorunning in your initial direction while moving the camera freely.

  • Other players in the way make it difficult to interact
  • The interact range of the F key is too short

We made it easier to interact by making it possible to easily select players or NPCs while in talk mode.


  • The tutorial is short and there are too few help tooltips

There will be a longer tutorial and more help tips in the CBT.

  • It's very laggy in specific maps and areas

We've added 'Low' to the graphic settings presets

The recommended computer specifications for the other graphic quality presets have been changed. As Windows 7 and CPUs that operate on Windows 7 are no longer supported by Microsoft, we've decided to exclude them from our recommended specifications. There are four graphics presets: low/medium/high/max, and custom settings that allow you to modify select options. Please note that the recommended specifications are just a general guide and do not guarantee optimal results.

When using a Graphics Card with 3GB or less memory, you can enable the Video Memory Saving/Efficiency mode in the title screen's settings.

  • Please add 4K or Ultrawide monitor support

We believe it is difficult to immerse oneself in the full experience of beautiful anime-style graphics on super high resolution, and have decided to devote our development resources to other areas. From here on these resources will be repurposed into balancing, and would like to look back into this at a later date based on demand. For now, there are no changes in our stance on this matter.

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