Blue Protocol Wiki
Gender Female
Race Human
Type Story Character
Role Travelling Diva
Weapon Bow
Seiyuu Sayaka Senbongi
Voiceactor TBA

Charlotte (シャルロット) is one of the main Story Characters of Blue Protocol. She is a diva travelling Regnas.[1]

Charlotte has not yet appeared in the game aside from promotional material.


Charlotte is a bright and well-known diva who travels around with her troupe.[1]


Charlotte is a young girl of medium stature. She has warm rose hair that fades into a sand color and is shoulder lenght on the front, except for a lock of hair behind her that reaches her back. Her eyes are aquamarine.

On her head Charlotte has two red ribbons. She wears a white undergarment that partially covers her neck. Over it she has a pink hooded coat. The hood is white and has pink edges. Part of the back and the sleeves of the coat are dark blue with pink and white strips, the latter ends up rolled up on her forearm, revealing part of her white undergarment. On her chest Charlotte has a dark blue and aquamarine belt which encircles her upper body, connected on her back around shoulder level. The front of the belt is fastened by a golden emblem on the center of her chest, under which the aquamarine part of the belt ends into a tassel. She wears another belt of the same color at waist level, which is connected to the upper one and on which is hanged a kind of rectangular white pouch. Charlotte wears white shorts with a pink chessboard design on her right hip. She has white thigh highs socks which are frilly on the top edge and are fastened by a pink bow. She wears dark gray and white high boots with pink laces. It seems that she also has some kind of pink pouch hanged on the back of her belt but I can't see it well lmfao to be reviewed later xd.


Charlotte is described as cheerful. She often gets herself in trouble due to her confidence.[1]

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Charlotte has not appeared in the CBT Story. Supposedly, like Carvain, she will also appear the first time in Salamzahd.

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Quest Involvement[]


  • もうぅ、しつこいっての!



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