Blue Protocol Wiki
Gender Male
Race Human
Type Story Character
Role (supposedly) Adventurer
Weapon Spear
Seiyuu Kaito Ishikawa
Voiceactor TBA

Carvain (カーヴェイン) is one of the main Story Characters of Blue Protocol. He appears to be the protagonist of at least the first arc of Blue Protocol.

Carvain has not yet appeared in the game aside from promotional material.


Carvain is a skilled spearman who you will encounter on your journey. He is honest and has a strong sense of justice, but can be quite reckless at times.[1]


Carvain is a young man of tall stature. He has short white hair, azure eyes and a tanned complexion. Carvain has two scars on his face, one on his right temple, the other, more conspicuous, on his left cheek.

Carvain has on his head a series of blue and orange headbands. He wears a coat with a complex design; the right part of it is mainly blue and white, with a white and orange strip running down from the coat to the end of his pants. His right sleeve is rolled up, showing the white interior of the coat. He has a black short glove on his right hand. The left part of the coat is black and orange. On the orange part, around his chest, two red motifs similar to stars can be seen. The left arm is completely covered in a dark vambrace. On his coat, Carvain wears a black cloak with light gray strips, which ends at around knee level. On his waist, he has a dark blue belt. He wears long pants of the same exact colors of his coat. His left knee is covered by a poleyn. He has dark blue and gray high boots.


All we know about Carvain is that he is honest and determined. He can get quite reckless[1]

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Carvain has not appeared in CBT Story. Supposedly, he will appear in the "Salamzahd arc"

-To be updated when we get to know more.

Quest Involvement[]


  • この先は危険だ!君たちは早く逃げるんだ!



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