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Blue Pro 6 Content

  • Closed Beta Feedback
  • Overall Progress
  • NPC Feste
  • Gestures
  • New Class

Closed Beta Feedback Responses (Not 100% Complete)[]

Add more character customization & voices

There will be additional customization options available after the character creator in aesthetics shops

Previews for outfits (will be added)

Please add underwear

They are added, please stay tuned

Lock on camera is very nauseating

During hardcore fights it may get messed up so we're still considering some changes and developing

Allow us to adjust which effects are shown i.e. only my player

There will be settings to adjust effects for the player, party members and other players and more.

Please add evade with movement keys

It has been added.

Raid entrance portal is too far away.

We changed the location.

There is not enough freedom with skills customization and not enough skills in general

After CBT we added some stuff, just barely evade/counter attacks, freedom for skill builds, differences based on class too

  • Aegis Fighter

Ability to bring enemies towards you, or immobilize them

LIGHT element build, explaining elements that stack and have burst effects when they stack

  • Blast Archer

Debuff build, skill down etc, new skills introduced into for the debuff build to put enemies to sleep, heal and apply a speed buff

  • Spell Caster

You can stack elements to abuse an enemy's elemental weakness

Ice build and new skills

You can now stack same elements, before you couldn't

  • Other

CBT players might have seen it, but some never before seen skills were shown

We did tweak some stuff like the mobility of the Aegis Fighter while being in Shield Stance

Evading/Counter Attacking feels better now

You can now cancel some abilities by jumping

Please let us save class loadouts when switching classes

We added a feature to save equipment loadouts. You can't change them in battle or in dungeon however.

Skills, Inner Imajinn and gear can be saved in these preset loadouts

I want to check other class skills without changing classes

Alowing you to use other skills is problematic, so you will have to change before using but we will make it so you can VIEW them.

Please add training mode/training dummy

Has been added, you can test your skills effectiveness etc, on it. Its right in front of Asterleeds, but there are also some in other locations.

Mounting an Imajinn should not consume energy if you are not moving.

We made it so that energy isnt consumed when stopped. Also added ways to replenish energy

You also will no longer be dismounted when you run out of energy. The movement speed will just be slower but still faster than traveling without your Imajinn.

Add an option to hide weapon in town.

Added, you can now hide your weapon in towns.

Asterleeds can be laggy when many players are around. Please add an option to hide players.

We added an option to hide players. We will continue to see how this works

Add an option to change minimap size.

When you're in battle, it'll be changeable, so you can clearly see where enemies are

Add minimap to dungeon

We added a minimap to dungeons, so you can clearly see the route

I can't group up with party members/got separated by different channels

We have implemented guaranteed grouping of party members in the same channel.

When party members are in separate zones, we cannot guarantee that they will end up in the same channel, but if you all move to a map where none of you are in, then you will be on the same channel.

Let us chat in Dungeons

You couldn't chat in dungeons in CBT, we were wavering on that a bit and based on the feedback and made it so that you can chat with your party.

Increase inventory size

You no longer have to go back to town because you have a full bag so basically your inventory is infinite.

Other players are body blocking certain places like the Warp Portal

We made it, so players are harder to select, and it prioritizes the interactable object

Also, when people are stacked up, a player list now appears so you can choose the player you want easily


Group Gestures have been added
Rock Paper Scissors gesture "Minigame"

Rock paper scissors

Hand Holding

Hand Holding Gesture

NPC Companion: Feste[]

Feste Companion

Feste will be one of the NPC Companions that will fight on your side. She can attack by throwing rocks and buff you with useful effects such as Super Armor, Attack Damage Bonus, etc.

New Class: Heavy Smasher[]

Heavy Smasher Class[]

Equipped with a super heavy, massive hammer who attacks with slow, single blows. Can be used as a sub-tank by preventing enemy movement or slowing them, or even drawing them in closer. The ball on the end can also be used as a cannon that can be charged up. Movement speed is the same as other classes. While the attacks seem slow, there are little tricks like gaining superarmor, and stat-wise is a high HP class, so you can facetank hits while smashing enemies. You can remove super armor to boost normal defense, but will have reduced movement speed. In the test play it was used to safely resurrect dead players, albeit an unintended feature. Shimooka says it's fun to manage the cartridge (cannon--this is probably the unique mechanic of this class). The three have tested it and say its fun with its big, dramatic single blow attacks.