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Gender Female
Race Human
Type Story Character
Role Unknown
Seiyuu Ai Kayano
Voiceactor TBA

Aeryn (エーリンゼ, Aerinse) is one of the main Story Characters of Blue Protocol. She is a girl who travelled from the future to save Regnas from an atrocious cataclysm.


Aeryn is a mysterious woman who appeared from the Pillar of Divinity. She comes from a place beyond time and space to carry out a mission of great importance.


Aeryn is a young looking girl of medium stature. She has long lilac hair, which ends by fading into a mint color. Two strands of hair appear from under a couple of gray side combs accessories, and float at her sides. Two other strands float at her back. Her eyes are crimson.

Aeryn wears a one piece, noble yet sci-fi looking dress. The dress has a purple and blue collar, from which at the sides a metallic piece helds a short light gray mantle with azure motifs that covers her back, leaving her shoulders uncovered. A purplish brown skin tight layer of the dress can be seen on a part of her chest and on her right leg. This layer is covered by a white and light gray second layer, which has two green tassels and azure motifs on her chest. An open blue belt, with the two extremes ending into a green tassel, links the dress to a short cloth similar to a skirt, which has similar motifs to those on the mantle. The dress continues into a gown which leaves her right leg uncovered. She wears two blue opera gloves and a silver bracelet on her left arm. Her stockings are blue, with the left one ending under the gown and the right one being over-the-knee, and with a white and purple design. She wears mid heel purple shoes.


Aeryn is kind and brave. She desires to save the world from its catastrophic future, and seems ready to do accomplish this at any cost. She does however not like putting people into danger, and firmly refuses to let Tyris kill the protagonists for having observed the Chrono Leap. She also desires to obtain more manpower for her quest, and gladly welcomes the player and Feste in her party.


Aeryn appears at the very end of the CBT story. After the protagonist and Feste reach the top of the Pillar of Divinity, a space-time distortion occurs, from which Aeryn and Tyris come out. The distortion causes the destruction of the barrier on the sealed Avalitia that was kept there. After the fight Feste points out that both of them are quite suspicious, as the distortion didn't seem to be a simple teleportation technique. The four discuss only for a bit before the situation gets even worse by the appearance of King of the Dragonkin, Voldigen. After the protagonist and Tyris distract him, Aeryn is able to cast the space-time distortion a second time by chanting the words "By the blessing of Alisha" and activating the device in the Pillar of Divinity, thus the whole party travels back to minutes before the Avalitia gets unsealed.

Aeryn, tired from the casting of a second leap, assures Tyris by saying that she was able to limit the expenditure of Chronogram. The two finally explains to the protagonist and Feste that what they have seen right now was a Chrono Leap, a leap through time. After these events the party decides to move out before Voldigen appears. On their way through the lower floors of the Pillar they meet the protagonist and Feste from the past, who are climbing the tower. They immediately hide and after Feste thinks the relation between the founders of the Pillar of Divinity and the Time Leap device, she asks Aeryn regarding the word Raija. Aeryn thus confirms that the Raija used to be an ancient name to refer to people who were able to Chrono Leap like her. She almost collapses soon after, and thus the party set out to Larpal to find a place to let her rest.

After reaching Larpal Aeryn is able to rest a bit, and thus finally explains the situation to the player and Feste; she and Tyris come from 1000 years in the future of Regnas with the purpose of eradicating the Avalitia. In the times of Aeryn and Tyris, the space-time distortions created by these creatures have exceeded the point of no return, eventually they would engulf the entirety of Regnas. However Aeryn explains that it would still be possible to get rid of the Avalitia in this point of time.[1]

Quest Involvement[]


  • わたくしたちが時空を超えてきた・・・・・・というのはなんとなくお分かりでしょう?


  • Her actual name would be Aerinse, but it was localized as Aeryn. The pronunciation is "Eerinze".


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